Glow Plug 7

This is the O.S. #7 Medium Hot Glow Plug for 2-Stroke Engines.

FEATURES: Slightly hotter heat range than the O.S. #8…

Glow Plug BE 3

O.S. BE-3 Glow Plug is designed for Bio Ethanol Engine…

Glow Plug OS 6

The O.S. #6 ( Former A3 ) glow plug is a hot heat range two-stroke glow plug for all engine…

Glow Plug OS 8

The O.S. #8 glow plug is the most widely used O.S. glow plug.
Recommended for most current O.S. (and other brands…

Glow Plug OS Type F

The OS Max #F Glow Plug is Designed Especially for OS Max …

Glow Plug YS 4 Cycle

A four stroke glow plug specially designed for the YS engine. Superior performance throughout the entire RPM range of…

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